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About us
About us


In the island of Lesvos, Nikos Papayiannides began to carry out his vision.
The scope of his cottage industry, “Papayiannides Flavors of Greece” founded in 1999, was to revive forgotten tasty recipes inherited from his mother and grandmothers. He combined the valuable scripts of taste, with art and passion and based in modern technology he presents a tasty range of traditional spreads… Sauces and marmalades!
Fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables are the base for Papayiannides recipes.
Combined with valuable homeland ingredients like Ouzo and Olive oil, or other well Known ones, like the Mastic from Chios island, offer pure tastes, where no additives or preservatives are present . Papayiannides spreads are distinguished for their exceptional quality. It is worth to point out that the marmalades contain over 70% of fresh fruit and all the sauces are preserved in olive oil.
Papayiannides spreads quality and originality have been variously acknowledged in many countries, where are present on the shelves of major deli stores.
The company develops significant export business in Germany, Belgium, Netherland, Cyprus, Canada, U.S.A., Switzerland and Chili. Papayiannides label has been several times distinguished in the worlds’  largest blind – tasted food Great Taste Awards.
Papayiannides production complies with HACCP certificate.